RETREAT “Return to Self”

6th, 7th and 8th November 2019

In search of Totality

The Enneagram is a powerful portal for understanding the mechanisms which lead to the creation of Personality and its masks. Diving into the 9 Types and their Motivations, Gifts and Qualities allows to reach a deep reconnection with our greater Self, which far transcends Personality.

In this retreat, we will develop the ability to maintain alignment between the head and the heart so that all action is useful and creative. In replacement of a reactive action and result of emotional responses.

The integration of Chi Kung (Qi Gong) in this work aims to practice and provide tools to maintain this state of alignment and presence, at every moment, in our lives.

Combining movement (body), focus (mind) and breathing (spirit), Chi Kung Chi Kung is an excellent therapeutic activity, which promotes health, well-being and contributes to expansion of consciousness.

This state of presence is essential to be more complete and full in our daily experience.

Experiential work with the Enneagram / Chi Kung / Different practices of Meditation / Dynamic exercises of deepening of consciousness

Paula PrantoJorge Gonçalves

6th, 7th and 8th November 2019

Quinta da Enxara –
N9-2, km13, 2665-053 Enxara do Bispo

Friday – Check in until 19h30
Saturday – Start at 8h00 am and with activities that end after dinner
Sunday – Check out 16h00

Early Bird – until October 25th
Dorm: 240€
Double Room: 255€

After October 25th
Dorm: 270€ / pax
Double Room: 285€ / pax
Single Room: contact us

Repeating Participants
Dorm: 170€ / pax
Double Room: 190€ / pax

IBAN: PT50 0018 0003 1545 3947 0201 6


Food is natural, macrobiotic-inspired and privileges local and seasonal products, without sugar, refined products or dairy products. We can not guarantee 100% gluten free, because sometimes there are traces in certain products, nor can we ensure the specific needs of individual participants. There will be access to an extra kitchen for people with unsurpassed needs, who can bring and organize their food.
There is always available as coffee-break, tea, caffeine-free drink and coffee, as well as fruit.
Participants can take their snacks.

Includes dinner Friday (Decenber 6th) + breakfeast, lunch and dinner Saturday (December 7th ) + breakfeast and lunch Sunday (December 8th)


1. Sending of name, email and telephone + Registration Form to + proof of payment (depending on chosen option)
2. Vacancies are only guaranteed, with the payment of a signal equal to or greater than 150 Eur. For each payment, a copy of the same must be sent to
3. The total amount has to be paid until November, 28

Cancellations must be communicated in writing, by e-mail, to

  • Cancellations until:
  • 30 days from the start date of the Retreat, are returned in full
  • Up to 15 days from the start date of the Retreat, will be retained a rate of 20%
  • Less than 15 days before and until the date of the event, will be retained a rate of 50%
  • By written communication, an enrolled person may assign his or her participation to another, duly identified
  • The cancellations communicated on the day or faults of appearance without prior notice do not give rise to any return.


  • Take comfortable clothing and many socks and / or specific footwear to wear just inside the house. Bring outdoor hiking clothing and footwear
  • You can carry some comfort blanket or cushion, although we have cushions and mats in place
  • There will be chairs for people who can not sit on the floor
  • For your comfort and if you prefer, you can take some snacks despite having several coffee breaks during the retreat


For more information, contact us:



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